Buy less,
Rent more.

Welcome to your sharing economy platform, where everything can be rented by everyone.

The sharing economy is an economic model often defined as a peer-to-peer (P2P) based activity of acquiring, providing or sharing access to goods and services that are facilitated by a community based on-line platform.

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why RentApp?

RentApp aims to provide an income from everyday goods where owner will offer hiring of their unused assets. We are extending the concept of 'Own To Rent' (OTR) to generate income from everyday items where others need it for a short time or as a trial before purchase. RentApp Eco-System will offer a tokenisation of the RentApp platform. We will be providing fast, secure and contract binding transactions that will be powered by WAVES blockchain technology.

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Smart rentals,
how does it work?

5 steps authentication

Get to know the person you're renting to and secure your item. You will keep proof of the renter's identity and the state of the item you're renting.

Take pics of the asset

Check ID

Add notes

Selfie with both parties (optional)

Scan QR code: the rental is starting

Assets frozen

RentApp will take care of securing the transaction's funds until the rental is completed.

RentApp will use RIDE programming and Waves blockchain technology for escrow service to ensure that funds are released at the end of the rental, once both parties confirm via QR scanning.

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rent / share

One of the first all-in-one rental platform

Check status, chat with renters

Earn passive income

Leave reviews on all rentals

Build your profile and your reputation

Help govern a transparent renting haven

Rent instead of buying

Share instead of selling

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top currencies

Pay however you like and withdraw the money anytime through Paypal, wire transfer or digital currencies, including RentApp (RENT) digital token to enjoy further benefits and discounts.

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how to use the RentApp token?

The RentApp token (RENT) is a digital based token powered by Waves blockchain technology*. As it relies on blockchain technology, it is secure, immutable and transparent. All transactions can be seen publicly, however, senders and receivers are only shown by their wallet's address (a long string of letters and numbers). The RENT token will allow users using it to enable extra benefits within the app.

Smart discounts

Smart discount

Invite referal

Invite referal

Review rewards

Review reward

Build up your profile

Build up your profile

Loyalty program

Loyalty program

Ranking rewards

Ranking reward


  • Project launch


    Website 1.0

  • Project Development

    Hiring of Digital Agency for App development

    Rebranding to RentApp following Trademark legal conflict, you can read more here

    36 versions of the app done so far.... and counting

  • App Development

    CoinMarketCap update

    Bugathon : Beta app available to selected testers

    Business Plan and Whitepaper release

    Startup creation

    Draft of General conditions and T&Cs

    GDPR compliance policies

    App Launch in France (Google PlayStore and iOS AppStore)

    Launch of first round of fundraising

  • Further Development

    International expansion

    Second round of fundraising

RentApp commitment
to privacy
and security

RentApp is fully commited to ensure all data (including personal data, password, pin code, seed and geographic location) is protected and secure at all time while using our mobile application. The back-end of our application uses the latest technology to ensure that no data can be accessed by third-parties, malicious malwares or ill intended individuals. You can read our security and technical specifications HERE for more information.

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